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How To-install And Use TheonespyPhone Tracker App

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The use of the phone tracker app is becoming more and more common activity in recent times. The phone tracking services are most commonly used by parents and employers to maintain and keep a check on their target users’ activities.

The activity targets employees and kids because the incorporation of digital networks has posed serious implications for these users.

There are number of phone tracking services available in the online marketplace, but they hardly offer anything remarkable to its users. But there is a service that addressed all the concerns and reservations of the employers and parents in all aspects.

This very service is actually TheOneSpy. The phone tracker app allows monitoring the target phones, computers, and laptops. It is compatible to be installed on android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows operating systems.

The application has started offering services in 2011 and continues to serve its valued customers. The cell phone tracker does all the spying without any hint to the target user, whether an employee or a kid.

It is doing excellently well and is highly recommended and acknowledged by its existing users. The guide about the usage and installation of the spy app is given below. Let’s have a look.

Installation guide of TheOneSpy

The installation process is as follows.

  • First of all, the employer or parent needs to visit the official site of the app.
  • Select the plan as per the requirement of the features.
  • Purchase the desired plan by making a payment as per guidelines.
  • The end-user needs to physically access the phone of the intended employee or the kid.
  • Now the end-user needs to go to the Play Store settings of the target device.
  • Go to Play Protect settings.
  • The end-user needs to disable the protection of Play Protect.
  • Now go to the browser and download the installation setup by going to tosapp.co
  • The setup will be downloaded to the target device.
  • Now run the application file that is downloaded.
  • Install the app into the target device.
  • After installation, the system will ask to “Turn on Play Protect”, tap on Decline.
  • Enter the license key that has been provided while purchasing the license.
  • Now from Device Network Settings, Tap on “Allow usage tracking”.
  • Now, tap on “Hide the app” option when it appears on TheOneSpy app
  • Now remove the setup file which was downloaded.
  • You are ready to monitor your target user’s activities.

The usage and key features of the phone tracker app

Tracking real-time location

The real-time location of the target user can be logged to know which locations the intended user is visiting during the course of the movement. The entire movement gets recorded in the form of a log, and this log gets saved to the online dashboard.

The parent or employer can access the log at any point of time. The feature also adds to the security of the target user as if the same user is not getting reached out; the end-user can identify the pinpoint location to make sure that the child or employee is safe from any harm.

Geo-fencing the movement

The geo-fencing feature of the spy app allows restricting the movement of the target user to limited premises. The parent or employer can assign allowed and restricted zones.

This can be done to restrict the employee from getting into a competitor’s place, while a child can be restricted to get into crime-prone areas.

Social media monitoring

This feature of the phone tracker app allows tracking and recording all the social media activities of the target user. The group and individual chats, images, and video shared, voice notes exchanges can be viewed and listened to remotely.

The end-user can listen to all VoIP and video calls. These calls can be recorded for later reference as well.

The keylogger identifies password

The keylogger of the spy app records keystrokes pressed while the password fields remain active. This feature identifies the password of all the installed apps on the target device.

Phone calls recording and listening

All the incoming and outgoing phone calls can be recorded. The end-user can also listen to these calls in real-time.



The installation guide of TheOneSpy is discussed. The discussion also unveils the features and usage of the phone tracker app comprehensively.


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